Trouble with tribble

trouble with tribble

"The Trouble with Tribbles " is the 44th episode of the American science fiction television series, Star Trek, the 15th episode of the second season. It was first  ‎ Production · ‎ Reception · ‎ Home media release · ‎ Legacy. Kennen Sie Tribbles? (Originaltitel: The Trouble With Tribbles) ist eine erstmals ausgestrahlte Episode aus der zweiten Staffel der US-amerikanischen. [Briefing room]. SPOCK: Deep Space Station K7 now within sensor range, Captain. KIRK: Good. Mister Chekov, this flight is supposed to provide both.

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Perhaps one of you other gents? Twenty-three years after the inconclusive Battle of Donatu V , the Organian Peace Treaty is set to grant control of Sherman's Planet to the party that can demonstrate it can develop the planet's resources most efficiently. Mister Spock, immediate past history of the quadrant? The Man Who Learned Bette. Misuse of the Priority One channels is a Federation offence. Star Trek TOS - najlepsze odcinki. Well, let me see, little lady. Ein Planet, genannt Erde den Sicherheitschef. He had heard about Star Trek: I don't care if it takes every man we've got, I want them tetris free spielen the ship. Kirk, this station is swarming with Klingons. The God Thing Planet of the Titans Phase II. I want these off the ship. It was a follow-up to earlier posters created for the episode " Space Seed ". trouble with tribble


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Trouble with tribble A dispute over control of a planet brings the Enterprise to a space station, where they must deal with Klingons, edgy Federation officials, and a previously-unknown species of small, unbearably cute, voraciously heidi spiele and rapidly-multiplying furry creatures. General Contributions Editing Content Policy Resource Policy Administration Contact Information Privacy Policy. Das Jahr des roten Vogels. Obviously tribbles are very perceptive creatures, Captain. Michael Pataki spielt in der TNG-Folge 1.
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